Over the life of a computer it can become bogged down due to programs being installed and removed, websites leaving traces of where we have surfed, Windows installing updates, viruses taking their toll, and as a result the registry becomes cluttered. These occurrences have performance effects on your machine, and start-up times increase. Even new computers come loaded with trial-ware which can decrease performance.

We can eliminate and clean the unnecessary clutter so that your computer can run at its optimum hardware capability. Unlike many of the big-box computer repair companies, our optimization process also includes virus scan and removal.

In order to maintain the health of your computer, we offer a Preventative Maintenance package. During this process we check all areas of your machine: install Windows updates, check antivirus status, evaluate your back-up strategy, run a hardware fitness scan, and provide a physical cleaning of the machine. This is a 24-hour process that can uncover a pending failure and save you money in the long run.

For computer optimization or preventative maintenance, call us to schedule an onsite appointment or visit our store.