One of the most important and overlooked facets of computer ownership is having a backup strategy in place for your most important data files. Can you imagine losing all of your treasured photos? Or your business’s accounting records? It is a reality that we see customers face all too often due to unfortunate hard drive crashes, viruses, theft, and other factors.

We can customize the best backup solution to fit your needs, whether it be cloud-based or a local backup system.

Coblentz Technology is an authorized Carbonite partner. We have found it to be the most reliable and comprehensive off-site backup solution for our customers.

Not only does having a backup system in place save your data, it also can save time and productivity. In the unfortunate event that files are lost due to a corrupt hard drive or ransomware virus, files can be restored quickly and work can resume within hours rather than days or weeks (or not at all) it would take to recover them from the original source.

For system backups, call to schedule an onsite appointment or visit our store.